Members in Action

As advocates for the natural world, we are proud of the various projects our members are working on.

Green Electricity in Marin Municipalities

Helene Marsh and Sarah Loughran, MC 43, applied their advocacy skills to encourage the County and seven cities and town in Marin to purchase all of their electricity through the Deep Green program offered by MCE, which ensures that all electricity purchased is generated by renewable energy sources. They have been successful in persuading Larkspur, Corte Madera, Novato, San Rafael, Ross and most notably Marin County to commit to Deep Green. Through their thus far, an estimated 4000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions will be taken out of the atmosphere annually, roughly equivalent to 9,500,000 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.

Creek Restoration

Mary Morgan, MC 40, understood the critical role of watersheds and had to learn how to communicate the need for creek restoration at Green Gulch Farm. In 2012, she developed a presentation to articulate the importance of creek restoration and presented it not only to her fellow Master Class participants but also to a variety of audiences including donors and government agencies. 

The efforts of Mary, Prunuske Chatham, Inc., and many others at the Zen Center, bore fruit in 2014 when the creek was set free. Both wetland and riparian habitat were created, as well as improved creek habitat critical for the coho salmon and steelhead trout. 

Today the meandering waterway is once again a habitat that these fish can call home.

Mary credits the Forum and the rigor of the project process with helping her articulate her points so that she could persuade her audiences and gain support for this project.

Photo by Sara Tashker

2017 Heart of Marin Awards

photo by James Cacciatore

Several of our Board Members recently attended the Heart of Marin Awards which recognizes the work of local non profits and volunteers. From left to right:                                             

Ann Bauer, Lecture Series Director
David Kunhardt, Vice President  
Norma Fragoso, Master Class Director   
Vicki Rupp, Treasurer
Kathryn Olson, President
Susan Rusche, Development Director
Vera Meislin, Membership Director

Marin's Climate Goals

In April 2017, Cory Bytof, MC 43, led a workshop focused on the Marin's Climate Action Plans (CAPs) and where we stand compared to our goals. During the lecture, they investigated the CAP for each municipality and what jurisdictions are doing to address climate change. The lecture taught the attendees how to get involved on a personal and a county-wide level. See how your jurisdiction is doing by following the Marin Sustainability Tracker.

Tarp Your Load

Marin local residents Jill Whitebook, MC 41, and Vicky Dehnert were concerned about unsightly litter on our roadways. Sharing this same feeling with many Marin residents, they decided to take action in an effort to rid the County of this blight. They are diligently working with government officials in Marin County to resolve this problem. Their actions were recognized by Marin Magazine as Project to Watch in 2015.

Marin Open Garden Project 

Founded in 2009, by Julie Hanft, 36, and Hilary Jeffris, the Marin Open Garden Project is an all-volunteer gardening community in Marin County which organizes weekly meetings of backyard gardeners to exchange excess fruit and vegetables and other goodies from their gardens in Mill Valley, Novato, San Rafael and San Anselmo.

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